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Amazon Web Services

We keep on pushing to the left

The latest events are forcing many companies to establish new processes and to quickly switch to remote work and home office.

Cloud Security

3SF… or ship secure software faster

The relevance of security in product development environments is changing from a subordinated task within the software development lifecycle into an omnipresent element of all phases in modern CI/CD pipelines.

Amazon Web Services

Automated Incidence Response

How I stopped worrying and learned to live with intrusion — Automated Incidence Response with AWS GuardDuty, Cloudwatch and Lambda.

Amazon Web Services

Graphing AWS Billing Data

Building a dedicated agent to process AWS billing data and pushing it to InfluxDB and Grafana.

Amazon Web Services

Walking the security master path

Alice&Bob had the chance to follow an exclusive invitation to train modern security championship and learned about security best practices, threat modelling, multi-account strategies, DevSecOps, continuous compliance, security-as-code, secure CI/CD pipelines, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

New service: AWS Fraud Detector

Simplifying fraud detection means also simplifying fraud prevention.
According to Andy Jassy this fully managed service is the result of “doing fraud detection for over 20 years” in their consumer business.

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Amazon Web Services

A&B’s Top 5 AWS Security Services

Our clients asked us and we delivered: Here are our Top 5 AWS Security, which you should have an eye on. So if you run setups with enhanced security requirements these services will help you to achieve a higher level of security with little effort.