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Amazon Web Services

Harden your AWS setup in 10 easy steps

When building your own infrastructure in the cloud, Security must be the first concern on your mind. On this article I will explain 10 basic steps to increase your security and therefore harden your whole deployment.

Amazon Web Services

Off-Site: Extending your AWS BackUp

AWS Backup is a convenient tool to manage backup life-cycles. Extending this with AWS Lambda grants even more features, resiliency and security.


Alice&Bob joined #GesundZusammen initiative

Under the heading “Technologies saving lives” the #HealthyTogether (#GesundZusammen) initiative has launched an accelerator program for ideas to combat the COVID-19 crisis.

Amazon Web Services

We keep on pushing to the left

The latest events are forcing many companies to establish new processes and to quickly switch to remote work and home office.

Cloud Security

3SF… or ship secure software faster

The relevance of security in product development environments is changing from a subordinated task within the software development lifecycle into an omnipresent element of all phases in modern CI/CD pipelines.