Life Trust – Bootstrapping a secure cloud platform

Do it right from the start, secure and scalable.



For nine years now, the company LifeTrust GmbH & Co. KG has been under the leadership of Veit Lindau. As a creative visionary, author, and coach, the company’s goal is to develop human potential fully. To this end, Veit and his partner Andrea Lindau have designed a series of integral educational offerings for private individuals, teams, and companies. In addition, the Life Trust GmbH & Co. KG also owns the Homodea platform, which already has 100,000 active members, is continuously scaling, and serves as both a community platform and a digital course offering.

As part of a complete rebuild of the website, Alice&Bob.Company re-architected its AWS cloud platform, processes, and DevOps culture to meet the highest AWS security standards and best practices.

In a long-term collaboration, Life Trust receives continuous implementation support, technical and strategical guidance, and maintenance of the existing platform and future features.


The A&B team took over the role of a trusted advisor and lead architect in the re-architecture of the Homodea platform. We analyzed, planned, and implemented a complete re-architecture of their cloud platform onto AWS and AWS-native services. In a highly agile collaboration with the DevOps team of Life Trust, we quickly bootstrap a scalable and secure platform to migrate Life Trusts services into a future-proof platform.

In addition to the technical implementation, A&B enabled and trained the team on AWS best practices and bleeding edge features. With a very experienced and 100% certified team, Alice&Bob.Company delivered custom training on AWS security and AWS best practices. This helped Life Trust to reinforce its security culture and accelerate its AWS cloud migration.

Tying platform development and people enablement together – Infrastructure-as-Code and CI/CD automation have been designed and deployed by A&B experts right from the start. This further enables Life Trust to maintain, scale, and accelerate its platform operations.

EC2, EKS, RDS, ALB, IAM, S3, Cloudtrail, OpenSearch, MSK, Lambda

After successful bootstrapping, LifeTrust is now able to operate the Homodea platform using state-of-the-art technology, agile processes, and an automated CI/CD pipeline. Their staff has been enabled to operate the platform safely and effectively.

A&B has proven to be a reliable long-term partner to plan, implement and maintain a full-featured platform.


We’ve been the first AWS partner in DACH, focussing crystal clear on Cloud Security. We’re providing cloud security expert advice to C-level executives, management roles, product teams and engineers. We integrate and enable.


Architectural assessment based upon AWS Well Architected Framework to build the most secure, high performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure possible for your application.