What is Penetration Testing?

An A&B security specialist takes over the role of an attacker (ethical hacker) to compromise customers infrastructure and/or application.

By targeting OWASP Top 10 application security risks, Alice&Bob.Company’s experienced penetration testers carry out Pentesting by documenting key findings and and mitigation recommendations as well as criticality of the findings to improve security posture.

A&B takes the role of an ethical hacker to gain additional security insights


Focused penetration testing

After defining a narrow test scope, we will conduct reconnaissance to determine the attack surface of your deployed AWS infrastructure, software and services.

An automated penetration test will determine whether the customers infrastructure is subject to known vulnerabilities, outdated security standards and is affected by common and service specific weaknesses. In the second test stage, manual penetration is performed to also discover application specific and previously unknown vulnerabilities.

The resulting presentation will provide you with key findings and explanations on how identified vulnerabilities should be mitigated.

Moreover, we will provide a list of vulnerabilities incl. resolution effort, ciritcality and a brief resolution description. This gives you a holistic overview of your current security posture.


Main advantages of performing a penetration test with A&B:


Get a detailed overview of your cloud architecture, with identified vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. You will also receive defined clear steps to fix and improve you overall security posture.


Use this threat and risk based methodology to
identify and evaluate threats to your
digital product. We conduct an agile threat modeling workshop and help you to leverage the outcomes for your product development lifecycle.

gdpr Workshop

This offer includes a training of the management team and product team in GDPR on AWS. Get insights of necessary transformations of your AWS infrastructure into a GDPR compliant state.