Partnership, Rewards
and Memberships

We share the same values:
We are on fire, shaping a secure digital future for our customers.

Technology Partners

We work with the very best, most outstanding technology manufacturers to develop the best possible solutions for great customers.

We have been extremely selective in choosing manufacturers that are exceptionally successful in their segment, for themselves and for their customers.

Strategic Partnerships

Staying curious and finding the right path. Not “one size fits all”, but tailor-made along the specific needs.

This perspective inspires us and our strategic partners. With them, we think crazy, go new ways but also demonstrate responsibility.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the absolute undisputed #1 public cloud vendor: in market volume, in experience, and by far in the density and completeness of its service portfolio.

The choice to build our company in a very close partnership with AWS was no coincidence. A long-standing friendly and in partnership relationship has led to this decision. Along the way, more than 45 of AWS’s 200 services are security-related. This sound like a perfect fit.

Important to mention: We share one essential mindset: we dedicate all our work to our customers. AWS describes this as customer obsession.

In record speed of fewer than five months, Alice&Bob.Company has developed and achieved an Advanced Consulting Partner status. We are proud of that. Last but not least, it underlines our efficiency.

Meanwhile, we are considered to be one of the founders of the “second wave” of service companies specialized and focused on cloud computing. We are not seen as newcomer. Due to our unique approach, we are seen as the no. 1 partner for cloud security in AWS in Germany.


Okta powers identity for the internet.

They are a trusted partner to businesses around the world and give customers the confidence to reach their full potential.

Their vision is to accelerate a world where everyone can safely use any technology. okta brings simple and secure access to people and organisations everywhere.

With solutions in Workforce Indentity and Customer Identity okta has been awarded as Gartner Identity Management quadrant leader for several years in a row.

Their products allow identity management for all major public cloud infrastructure providers, i.e. AWS, Azure and GCP, and for hundreds of software-as-a-services, i.e. Salesforce, BamboHR, Dropbox, Splunk, Service now and many others.

Trust in identities is fundamental for cloud security. We work and actively recommend okta as the global no. 1 identity management platform.

We’re happy to support you in your identity management project. Let’s talk!


Automated Security & Compliance for Multi-cloud Environments, Workloads, Containers & K8s. 

Lacework is a data-driven cloud security platform, powered by unsupervised machine learning. Across an organization’s AWS, Azure, GCP and Kubernetes environments data is collected, analyzed and accurately correlated and, finally, narrowed down to a handful of security events that matter.

We as Alice&Bob.Company can help you to integrate Lacework’s automated security monitoring and compliance control into your own multi-cloud infrastructure. Our team will monitor and react on incidents to keep your environment protected.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Lacework is backed by leading investors. With Lacework you can focus on important incidents while the noise is blended out. Complex environments require intelligent tools to handle the vast amount of data being monitored.

Lacework is the perfect tool to keep your focus on what really matters.

Crashtest Security

Crashtest Security is a Munich based start-up that redefines web application vulnerability scans. They protect companies from hacking attacks by facilitating DevSecOps.

As an innovator within cybersecurity for web applications, Crashtest Security develops automated vulnerability assessment solutions that suit the needs of the agile developer or DevSecOps.

Clear vulnerability insights provide transparency and actionable steps to enable efficient risk mitigation and reduce the risk of getting hacked.

Easy integration into the agile development environment helps companies to connect innovation with web application security.

Alice&Bob.Company knows modern cloud security has to scale like cloud itself. It has to fit, or even better be part of CI/CD development pipelines.

Our clients run their cloud infrastructure not for self-purpose. Usually, business applications, reachable via API or Webbrowser are typical.

This is why we are happy to work with this “hidden champion” in cloud security. It fits perfectly into our portfolio and in our clients’ needs.

Cloud Native Initiative

EuroCloud Native (ECN) is a new initiative in EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e. V. (EuroCloud), the association of the cloud computing industry in Germany. Since 2020, the ECN specifically targets providers of public cloud-based solutions and services, which are mostly young companies or startups.

Founded by experts, the ECN is not only a specialist forum for cloud-native topics, but also a point of contact for questions from the media.

To this end, the ECN bundles the interests of service providers and makes them visible, for example, in order to promote exchange, enter into dialog with hyperscalers and, last but not least, also make it easier for customers to select a cloud-native provider.

IHK Ausbildungsbetrieb

Alice&Bob.Company is an official vocational education and training partner of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

We take our social responsibility serious to promote the next generation of skilled workers. Germany is on the road to digitization, but there is still a long way to go. This can only be done with excellently trained specialists.

The dual training systems is highly recognized worldwide due to its combination of theory and training embedded in a real-life work environment.

Alice&Bob.Company is currently training:

– IT Specialist (m/f/d), focus on system integration


The association “eco – Verband der Internetwirtschaft e. V.” sees itself as representing the interests of the Internet industry and has set itself the goal of promoting technologies, shaping framework conditions and representing the interests of its members vis-à-vis politicians and in national and international bodies.

With over 1,100 member companies from more than 70 countries, eco is now the largest association of the Internet industry in Europe.

Birds on Mars

Birds on Mars is a new generation consulting company and AI agency highly specialized in data and artificial intelligence.

Every day, they build innovative enterprise solutions that combine human creativity, machine intelligence and organizational identity.

Birds on Mars are closely related to the Alice&Bob.Company family. We share our personal background, ideas and attitudes. They are our premier partner for data creativity and applied, enterprise-ready AI.

Allianz für Cybersicherheit

The Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit (Alliance for Cyber-Security) is part of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

It is a network of 4732 companies and institutions, 152 partners and 100 multipliers

Companies must be able to adapt to the extremely dynamic cyber threat situation at short notice. To successfully deal with cyber risks, the initiative offers up-to-date information, knowledge and experience sharing, and the continuous development of security competencies.

Alice&Bob.Company is committed to cyber security for Germany as a business location and has therefore become part of this initiative.